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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

World's Largest Cave "Hang Son Doong",Vietnam

Hang Son Doong is the largest discovered cave in the world located in Vietnam. Hang Son Doong means mountain river cave. . Its maximum depth is 150m (490ft). Its approximate length is 9,000m (30,000ft). It was discovered in 1991. There is an underground river in the cave. A local farmer claimed that he found that cave many years ago but he could not make his way again. Then after many years he told a joint British-Vietnamese expedition team and led them to the caver in April. It is the largest discovered cave in the world. It is currently a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cave is hidden in the depth of Vietnam jungles. 

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There are breathtaking photos of this fantastic, marvelous and unforgettable cave, have a look on them.


  1. Hi. Great pictures!! Where is picture #18 from? What is the name of that spot or beach? Thank you.