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Saturday, 30 June 2012

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Drones Can Be Hacked

A team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin won a $1,000 bet with the Department of Homeland Security by hacking into an airborne drone and wresting control from the pilot.
The researchers, headed by Dr. Todd E. Humphreys, got control of the drone by overloading it with false signals that were precisely matched up with authentic satellite signals. Once that happened, the drone ignored the original pilot, instead obeying the hackers’ every command.

iPhone Addiction

Most common task habits with a mobile phone:
•        Checking time
•        Checking for messages
•        Checking battery life
•        Listening to voicemail
•        Listening to music or media
•        Watching video
•        Reading/Writing text messages
•        Reading/Writing SMS
•        Reading/Writing email
•        Finding an address
•        Mapping an address
•        Accessing social network
•        Getting step by step directions
•        Getting contact information
•        Managing contacts
•        Buying something
•        Sharing something
•        Browse the internet
•        Taking photo or video

Tactile or haptic habits:
•        Touching the phone with hand or between fingers
•        Holding the phone with hand or between fingers
•        Looking at the phone
•        Poking the phone with finger or thumb
•        Pinching the phone with finger and thumb
•        Pressing the phone with finger or thumb
•        Sliding finger over the phone
•        Typing with thumb or thumbs
•        Turning on the phone
•        Turning off the phone
•        Plugging in the charger
•        Put in / Take out of pocket or container

Teen Mobile Phone Activity
Recent Pew Research Center study on teen phone usage:
•        75% of teens ages 12 to 17 own cellphones
•        Email is the least popular communication 11% use daily
•        Instant messaging 24% use daily
•        Calling someone 38% use daily
•        50% send 50 or more texts per day
•        33%+ of teens send more than 100 messages a day
•        15% send more than 200 texts each day

Friday, 29 June 2012

Tea is Life : Strange Tea Facts

Tea was accidentally invented in 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung spotted some tea leaves blew into a pot of boiling water and produced a pleasing aroma. 1.42 million pounds of tea are consumed per day in the United States. An average of three billion cups of tea are consumed daily worldwide.

 Today tea is more popular than ever, and is the second most consumed drink in the world, losing only to water. Scientific studies are coming out regularly which are showing the health benefits of tea, which perfectly fits the idea of people trying to live more healthy lives. Tea is no longer expensive to buy, and is considered by some to be not just a drink, but a part of their lives

Quotation : 
Tea is a cup of life.  ~Author Unknown