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Monday, 25 June 2012

Solar Energy as a huge power

We have used the Sun for drying clothes and food for thousands of years, but only recently have we been able to use it for generating power. The Sun is one hundred and fifty million km away and suspiciously powerful. Just the tiny fraction of the Sun's energy that hits the Earth (around a hundredth of a millionth of a percent) is enough to meet all our power needs many times over. Every minute, enough energy arrives at the Earth to meet our demands for a whole year. 
The bolometric luminosity of the sun is 3.826E+26 Watts, which means that 3.826E+26 J of energy are produced in the sun's core each second. That much energy is equivalent to 4.257E+9 kg of mass.

How it works:

There are three main ways that we use the Sun's energy:-
 1. Solar Cells.
 2. Solar Water Heating
 3. Solar Boilers
1.   Solar Cells
Sun shines and extracts energy at very large amount. Solar energy can be of great use. Solar panels are now in use which are made of special material and have shiny surface. These panels gets energy directly from sun and after passing through some process these panels convert it into electricity. Thus these are of great use. Solar panels are now in use individually and for commercial purposes also. Solar panels are fitted on the roofs of houses and can provide energy for the lifetime. These panels are also fitted on vehicles and provide energy to the vehicles.
2. Solar water heating
Up the back of the metal plate is a "heat pipe", which looks like a copper rod but contains a liquid that transfers heat very quickly to the top of the glass tube. A water pipe runs across the top of the whole thing and picks up the heat from the tubes.
3.Solar Boilers
Water is one of the great energy producer.  Water is contained within boiler and then heated by sunlight. This produces enough energy and can be converted into useful work.


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