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Sunday, 12 August 2012

The most bizarre looking plant “Hydnora Africana”

No doubt, this plant is one of the most bizarre-looking plants on Earth. The name Hydnora is taken from the Greek word, hydnon, which means fungus-like and refers to the resemblance that this species has to the fungus genus Hydnum.. The specific name africana means from Africa. It is found in African continent. The flower is spherical, brown on the outside and bright salmon to orange on the inner surface. Under favourable conditions it takes at least one year for a bud to develop into a mature flower. The plant body is completely leafless. The plant grows underground. The only portion of Hydnora that appears above the ground surfaces is the upper portion of the flower. Much of the flower is below the soil surface. The flower is thick and succulent in texture. The portion of the flower above the ground has three openings.


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