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Thursday, 5 July 2012


Do you know? 

We all are water creatures.

 It makes up 60% of your body.

  It makes up 70% of your brain.

  It makes up 80% of your blood.

While you can go almost a month without food, your body can’t survive one week without water.

The same water that existed on Earth billions of years ago still exists.
Today it covers most of the planet but just 3% is fresh water, and almost all of that is ice.

Less than 1% of all fresh water is readily accessible for human use.
Less than 0.007% of all the water on Earth is available to drink.

Do You know?

A quarter of all the clean water that enters your home is used to flush toilets.
One toilet flush uses over  11 liters.

A single load of laundry uses about 150 liters.

10 minutes shower uses almost 200 liters.

Brushing with the tap running uses 15 liters.
Brushing with the tap off uses 1 liter.

Do you know?

Our water sources are under pressure.
In the 20th century the World’s population tripled.
The use of water has multiplied by 6.
By the mid-century the World population will reach 9 billion.
Most people will be born in countries already experiencing water shortages.

What will that mean for water use?

Millions of people in the world live on less than 12 liters a day.
On an average Saudis consume 286 liters of water a day per person. That’s the 3rd highest after the USA and Canada.
25 million refuges were displaced by contaminated rivers last year. That’s more than were forced to flee from war zones.
1/3 people lack access to adequate sanitation.
1/8 do not have access to safe drinking water.
According to UN a child dies from a water related disease every 15 seconds.

It is believed wars will be fought over water not politics.



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