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Saturday 7 July 2012

It's a MORNING start : A HEALTHY start

Every new MORNING is like a new LIFE, a new thinking, a new OPPORTUNITY, a new VISION, a new LESSON, a new DETERMINATION and a new GOAL.

Few Tips for Healthy Morning :

     I.        Wake up at the same time

   II.        Take the SHOWER

  III.        Do not Skip Breakfast.

 IV.        Drink Green Tea

  V.        Do physical activity of at least 5 mins

 VI.        The 10-Minute Rule

    Spend 10 minutes and think about :
·        What you have to do today.
·        What you have been putting off doing.
·        What you would like to do today

VII.         Review your day.

At the end of every day spend a few minutes looking back on
·        What you did.
·        What went wrong.
·        What you can improve.
·        What you will do differently.
No day is perfect, but you should learn from mistakes and celebrate successes.


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