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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Its All About B-M-W

It was founded in 1913. BMW started building airplane engines in the year 1917. In 1923, BMW started building motorbikes and in 1928 they started with the production of cars. Few years after the Second World War, BMW's factories were dismantled by the Allied Forces and the company was only allowed to manufacture household utensils and bicycles .In 1950 BMW again started the production of cars. After small period the company focused on luxury cars, becoming one of the most admired car-makers in the world.

BMW Headquarters Munich, Germany

It’s now registered as a historical building since 1999. The main tower consists of 4 cylinders, suspended in the air attached to the main structure. It has BMW branded badges on the top of the building, which has 22 floors. The building was also shot during the movie Rollerblade, where they remove the BMW badge.


BMW Museum :

Next to it is the BMW Museum, which roof carries the full painted BMW logo. Freshly renovated, it was also built in 1972, shortly after the Olympic Games. It’s one of the most visited the museum in Munich, more than 250’000 visits every year.


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