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Sunday, 2 September 2012

What is RSS FEED ? Adding RSS FEED.

RSS is all about to take or give feed of a website or a blog. When subscribe to the RSS FEED of other website, it make available the posts of that site to make visible on your blog to make your blog updated. Same thing happens when anybody subscribe to your RSS FEED. RSS FEED plays an important role in increasing the “backlinks” of your blog. It also has a handsome role in increasing the viewers of your blog.

There are basically two things.
1. Adding a FEED on your blog.
2. Let others to subscribe your feed.

I will tell you about both.

1. Adding a FEED on your blog:

It is very simple.
1.   Go to the website you want to subscribe. For Example
2.   Right click with mouse on the blank section of the viewing page.
3.   Click on “View Page Source”.
4.   Now press CTRL+F. A find bar or menu will appear.
5.   Now search for “RSS” (without quotes).
6.   You will see a line like this
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Many Means - RSS" href="" />
7.   The link after the word “href” is the RSS FEED URL of that website.
Now copy and save it.

8.   Go to your blog add a RSS FEED widget and add that URL there on the demanded section and save it.

Now you have done.

2. Let others to subscribe your feed:

It is also very simple.

2.   Below “Burn a feed right this instant” write the URL of your blog/website.

3.   Tick “I am a podcaster” and then click Next.

4.   Click on the RSS Link that is 2nd.

5.   Give a title and add a url below
such as “manymeans”
6.   Click Next

7.   Go through or ignore it and move NEXT.

8.   Tick the three boxes and move to Next.

9.   Open “Publicize” page.

10.       Click on “Chicklet Chooser”.

11.       Choose the standard feed icon.

12.       Select “Blogger”

13.       Give a title and click on “Add”

14.       Now you have done.


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